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Women and Affordable Housing: YWCA and AAHFH Work to Shelter and Empower Local Women

In the YWCA transitional housing program, we empower women to move toward greater economic stability and development. Employed women live in safe, low-cost transitional housing. YWCA Residents are also connected to resources and support services that will help move them towards greater financial and personal stability. Most importantly, women can stay up to two years. This provides time for women to catch their breath. Then, they can focus on working toward their goals. At the YWCA, the number one goal is to obtain and maintain permanent housing from a residency program. This goal can only be obtained and MAINTAINED with organizations like the Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity. AAHFH allows for this to be a reality with affordable, permanent housing through their builds and rehabilitation efforts and they care for the families through the entire process. The practices of Habitat for Humanity from the affiliate and national levels align with the Mission of the YWCA, and we support their efforts of to address the absolute necessity for affordable, safe housing in not only our own community, but the world.

Stacie Weimer Executive Director, YWCA of Alliance

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