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Meet the McEldowney Family - Our First Partner Family of 2022!

We are excited to introduce the McEldowney family! Amanda and her children Jayda, 11 and Aydan, 6 will be our first partners of 2022.

Amanda works at Trilogy Plastics here in Alliance and spends her free time supporting her children’s activities.

Jayda plays softball and sings in choir. She will be in the Alliance High School production of the Lion King this year! Aydan plays baseball, football, and basketball, basketball is his favorite.

Amanda has volunteered on several volunteer sites prior to being selected but got the most experience on the Barboza home built in 2021.

“I learned how to hang drywall!” Amanda shared. “I got to do a whole closet with Talia! That was pretty cool. It’s so nice to be around so many people who genuinely just want to help others! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to figure out ways to help people. So it’s been nice being surrounded by people who are so eager to help.”

Amanda will be purchasing our first home completed in 2022, a rehabilitated structure located on Noble Street. It will be the 7th home in our East Alliance Revitalization focus neighborhood.

“This home will be life changing for us,” Amanda said. “Like many partner families, we’ve been through a lot. I’ll be able to give my children stability and show them that they can do anything they put their mind to!”

Volunteer opportunities for the McEldowney home will be posted in April, 2022.

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