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Does Habitat Give Houses Away?


This is a common misconception.  Habitat does not give houses away - we are a hand up, not a hand out - instead, we provide people a no-profit, no-interest mortgage to make home ownership a possibility for those who could not otherwise purchase a home.


I need a place to live right now.  Can you help?


Our home ownership program is not a quick fix.  The application and building processes are quite lengthy.  If you need housing quickly, contact the United Way's 2-1-1 Information Hotline at 2-1-1 on landlines or 330-499-9997 on cellular phones.  You can also call the homeless hotline at 330-452-4363


​​What makes these homes affordable?


Four simple things make Habitat homes affordable for lower-income people:

  1. Volunteer labor keeps costs low

  2. No-profit selling price

  3. No-interest mortgage

  4. Gifts from companies, individuals, local organizations and charities


​Are Alliance Area Habitat homes government subsidized?


The Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity does not receive any government subsidies for providing housing for lower-income people.  We are funded through gifts, grants, mortgage payments from Habitat homeowners, and the generosity of the Alliance area community.


My question wasn't answered.  Where can I get more information?


​Call (330-823-2448) or email us ( for more information or check out Habitat for Humanity International's site at

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