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Meet Danielle! Habitat Partner Shares her Experiences On-Site and the Impact of a Safe Home.

When I found out that a part of being selected was putting hours in on the house. I was excited to learn how to do things. In my mind, we would be handing people tools and watching how they get done, I did not know the process would be so hands-on. I will never forget the first day of our actual build I was so intimidated and nervous because I had no experience laying plywood or hanging siding, building a deck and hanging drywall, but the leaders on-site empowered me to learn and to successfully complete any task. I was asked how I felt after the first day was done and I remember crying and saying that I knew we would be a part of the build but I didn’t actually realize that I would really be BUILDING this house and involved every step of the way. Being out there with the volunteers really prepared me to be a homeowner. Every single volunteer taught me something, whether physical or mental, that I will never forget and I am forever grateful for those build days!

The fact that we finally live in a safe home has done more than you could imagine. Not having to worry about the outlets sparking or the basement leaking has given us so much peace of mind. The whole atmosphere in our home has changed. We have space to do activities with our kids, we actually enjoy our family dinners. Gabriel was explaining to a friend of ours how much fun we have at the dinner table and my heart exploded. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s not only created a stable environment, but it’s given us the platform to grow as a couple and as parents.

Danielle Lunsford Habitat Homeowner and Volunteer

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