Becoming a 




Selection Basics


Becoming a Habitat Partner Family and building a home of your own takes more than just building, it takes commitment, involvement, a willingness to partner with us, and work alongside our staff and volunteers to build your family a safe, decent, affordable home.




Complete this pre-qualification survey. A staff or committee member will review it and determine if you should complete a full application.  (Prefer a print version? Here you go.)


If, from your survey results, we think you may qualify, we will invite you to fill out and return a full application.


Once a full application is returned to our office, a committee reviews the info and determines eligibility.




Families are selected based on three criteria - all three criteria must be met for a family to be selected.


Need for Adequate Shelter

You must be living in substandard housing.  Perhaps the house is too small (overcrowded), unsafe, unhealthy (mold, vermin), overpriced, or lacks essential functions (heat, etc)


Willingness to Partner

​You must be willing to work up to 400 hours on your home, attend meetings and/or classes, and treat Habitat staff and volunteers with respect.  You must also be willing to buy the house from Alliance Area Habitat when it is completed.


Ability to Pay

You must have a stable, steady income that is sufficient to cover your monthly expenses and pay down any existing debt.  We typically select people with incomes at 30% - 60% of the median area income. If you have declared bankruptcy, it must be discharged 2 full years before you can be approved for Habitat homeownership.  

To find out more about applying for Habitat Homeownership, please contact the Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity office at 330.823.2448