Volunteer Engagement/Building Committee

Responsible for identifying and organizing opportunities for young professionals to engage in meaningful volunteer activities. Works with local affiliate's volunteer coordinator as necessary.

Publicity/Communications Committee

The Publicity/Communications Committee is responsible for creating and implementing a marketing plan for the AAHYP, to include print media, social media, radio, and any other possible outlets. This committee is responsible for publicizing all chapter activities and events.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for disseminating information and holding events to encourage new members to join the chapter through a wide variety of creative methods (including email, social media, information tables, presentations, etc) and for following up with new and potential members. The committee should help orient new members and ensure there are opportunities for new members to become engaged in the chapter. This committee will also work with the fundraising/events committee to plan networking opportunities for members, with affiliate staff members and volunteers, community groups, and other organizations.

Fundraising and Events Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the fundraising programs of the chapter and other volunteer activities provided to the Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The committee takes primary responsibility for developing and making sure that there is proper management and implementation of the chapter's fundraising programs, and arranges necessary coordination with the local Habitat affiliate. The committee will work to create new fundraising projects and organize fundraising events.

Advocacy/Education Committee

The Advocacy/Education Committee is responsible for both education and political advocacy. The committee takes primary responsibility for educating not only AAHYP members, but also the community, about local, national and international poverty and the need for simple, decent, affordable housing.  The committee takes primary responsibility of working with the Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity in efforts to affect local and national legislation on the elimination of substandard housing.

Professional Development/Safety Committee

The Professional Development/Safety Committee is responsible for providing resources and opportunities for members to pursue professional development and safety training. The committee will familiarize itself with opportunities and partnerships both inside and outside of HFHI and will ensure members are aware of these opportunities. The committee can arrange local opportunities for professional development and safety, such as speakers and training.